Ey Pacha!web artist


I can draw for you

Things I enjoy designing:

Minigames, Webapps, Characters, Illustrations, Graphic Humor

Design tools

Pencils & Paper, Origani, Photoshop, Ilustrator, Figma

Full Developer

I can code for you

Languages I speak:

HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Sass, PHP, MySql, English, Spanish.

Dev Tools

Gulp, Angular, Wordpress, Composer, Laravel, Cordova, NodeJs, SSH, Git


Full development

Andresa Castro

Interactive installations

Buenos Aires Museo

Front development

Seedcare Digicare

Front development

CNV Bagó 2021

Full development


Full development


Front development

Cardano Valley

Logo design

Cotzani and Wendy

Logo design

Crafty Freckles

Web development

Ey Pacha!

Web design

Circo Eguap

Full development


Web design

En Belén

Logo and poster design

Por Akí Por Allá

Web design


What I offer

Full Web Development

+ Web Architecture
+ Design
+ Front & Backend
+ Translations
+ Hosting

Graphic Design

+ Logo design
+ Visual Identity
+ Ilustrations
+ Web components
+ Caracters

Original sounds

Composition, synthesizing, recording, sampling of:
+ Music in Various Genres
+ Full Soundtracks
+ Jingles

About me

📖 I promote self-education, with which he learned to play musical instruments, origami, solve a Rubik's Cube, maths puzzles and programming from an early age.

💻 Nowadays I develop software for small and medium-sized companies focusing on code quality inspired by Joel Test and continual improvement with an agile approach.

🎹 In my free time I like learning new things with a playful approach, play piano, read about arts and science, and work in personal projects that start with a What if.

Get in touch


Pavón 3094, San Cristobal.
(1253) Buenos Aires, Argentina